FRS Verbal Reasoning

This is an example of the FRS Verbal Reasoning test, which measures your ability to evaluate, reason, and conceptualise with words and sentences.

This test comprises 12 questions and you will have 9 minutes to answer them to the best of your ability.

You will be presented with passages of information and four statements about that passage. For each of the four statements you must select one of the following answers:

1) True (the statement is definitely true based solely on the information contained in the passage)

2) False (the statement is definitely false based solely on the information contained in the passage)

3) Cannot Say (it cannot be determined whether the statement is true or false without further information)

This test does not count towards your real assessment in any way, it is purely for the purpose of candidate preparation. This example test is shorter than the real FRS Verbal Reasoning test which comprises 20 questions and has a maximum time limit of 15 minutes

We recommend that our assessments are completed on either a desktop or laptop computer. It is not recommended to complete our assessments using a tablet or mobile device.

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